Bloghop: How To Date A Nerd

I’ve got a fun bloghop to announce for my good friend, Cassie Mae, to celebrate the release of her newest novel, How to Date a Nerd. This blog hop will run September 24th-26th. Here’s all the info.
1. Post an answer to this question: What is the nerdiest thing about you?
2. Post the blog hop picture on your post and on your sidebar.
3. Post the Goodreads link to How to Date a Nerd:
That’s it! And the prize for one of the participants! A Nerd swag pack! Including NERDS candy, Nerdy t-shirts, a signed copy of How to Date a Nerd, How to Date a Nerd key chains and buttons, and Spiderman 3 on DVD, because for some reason, she has two copies. 🙂
So sign up here, and we’ll see you the 24th through the 26th.

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