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Today is my posting for the How to Date A Nerd Blog hop, to celebrate the release of Cassie Mae’s new book How to Date a Nerd. Cassie Mae’s got prizes and you have two days to post, so if you haven’t signed up yet, go do it. 🙂
What is the nerdiest thing about you (me)?
I’m generally a sophisticated, intelligent person, but sometimes I like to watch TV shows, and I’m not really the targeted demographic.
Saved by the Bell, 1989-1993. I was in high school for most of this show, so watching it then wasn’t too embarrassing, but I still watch it. Sometimes. You know, when nothing else is on and I want to have the TV on for noise. *wink wink* Seriously, even then I knew SbtB was a bit ridiculous, so I can’t explain why I like it. I just do.
Another show I wouldn’t normally admit to watching is Full House, 1987-1995. I graduated high school, but continued to watch this show my first few years in college. And still today.
Um hello, I’m getting close to 40 and still like Full House. I could blame it on my kids, but I’m now admitting to the world I watch it, sometimes when my kids are not around.
I just love Joey, Jesse, Danny and the kids. Plus, now as a mother, I really appreciate a family friendly show.
So there are two things that kind of make me nerdy. Any shows you’d like to admit to watching?
Here’s where you can go to see how nerdy everyone is.

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  1. I LOVED SbtB! Totally worth watching at any age. And FULL HOUSE was pretty spectacular, too; every time I see the actor who played Jesse in anything, that’s the first thing I think of!

  2. I love Saved by the Bell and Full House! It’s that kind of feel which led me to start watching Korean Dramas. family friendly, but touches on deeper issues every once in while, with that humor that’s light and funny. Koreans still put bathroom jokes in their shows, and they’re hilarious. I could talk about them all day, but you already know that so… I’ll just be going now 😀

  3. mandy m

    I loved Saved by the Bell and Full House too, but even more than that I totally was hooked on Boy Meets World! Cory and Topanga forever!!!

  4. I’ve never seen Saved by the Bell, but loved Full House. 🙂 I think my geekiest tv show would probably be Avatar: the Last Airbender. I watched it every week for the three years it was on. I don’t watch the Legend of Korra, though. It was something specifically about the Last Airbender that I totally got into.

  5. The two shows I wouldn’t normally admit to watching is Pretty Little Liars and . . . Oh gosh, I can’t believe I’m admitting this . . . Keeping up with the Kardashians. Yes, it’s true. I just recently started to watch both shows because nothing else was on at the time and I got pulled in against my wishes, but if they weren’t on it wouldn’t bother me.

    I also posted my own nerdiness for this hop on my blog. Feel free to stop by. 🙂

  6. Jenny Morris

    LOL. I just noticed Saved By the Bell on Netflix. My husband totally groaned when he saw it. It was SO cool at the time. I loved Slater. And I loved Full House too. I haven’t watched either of them recently though.

  7. Uncle Jesse is the reason I watched those few seasons of ER with John Stamos, lol!

    My brother actually has a Kelly Kapowski t-shirt. He wears it quite often. I love it!

  8. Saved by the Bell and Full House are awesome! I love that I had a Full House reference on my blog and then come here and see this! That just confirms your coolness 😉 And to make you feel better about still watching SBTB um…my dad watches it!!!!

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