(Never) Again Blog Hop

As many of you know, today is the release day of (Never) Again by the fabulous Theresa Paolo. And to celebrate, she’s doing a blog hop where you share something that you swore you’d never do again, but did.
But first. If you’d like to see how I first met Theresa and all the fun things we have in common, go here.
Now on to the blog hop.
Well, I hope I don’t disappoint anyone today because I have nothing shameless or salacious to share. Instead, my example is rather innocuous, perhaps mundane. (Can you tell I went to the thesaurus for interesting words?) But hey, when I try come up with examples to questions like this, my mind always goes blank.
First: I am not a slave to fashion. I prefer comfort over style.
So back in the 80s, clogs were the in thing. I had one pair. I hated them. They were big and stiff. Clunky—wasn’t clog just the perfect name for them? Kinda ugly. And they didn’t like to stay on my feet.

I said I’d never wear them again.

But then a few years back, my mom gave me a pair of hers she didn’t want anymore. And because she doesn’t buy Payless Shoes like me, the black pair she gave me lasted over three years of regular use. And I loved them. So now I’ve even bought my own. Something more like this.

From Zappos.com

These shoes from Zappos.com are cute. Their $150 price tag, not so much. Oh, and when I said I’d buy something more like this, I meant style wise. I’d choke over paying $150 for shoes. (Remember, I like Payless.)
So even though they’re not the most stable shoe, I now like them. And there are so many cute styles.
Even though I gave in to the clog, I will never… never wear flip flops. I’ve weathered through this fad for the second time without giving in, so I’m fairly confident I’ll keep my word. Flip flops suck.
So check Theresa’s site to see the other blog hop participants.
And congratulations to Theresa on your big debut!

7 Responses

  1. Oh yes, I remember the clog, haha.

    As for me, I wear flip-flops All Day Long. Like I wear it around my house and everywhere I go. It’s October in Utah and cold out yet I still wear them, and I’ll even tramp through the snow in them. I have several pairs of Sanuk (my fav brand) in a range of colors. Yeah. That’s okay, though. We can still be friends, right? 🙂

  2. I have so much trouble with shoes that don’t have heels! Plus I have a tendency to walk on my toes so shoes like these kind of make it worse by encouraging you to lead with the front of your foot. :/

  3. That’s it Suzi I’m buying you a pair of flip flops! You have no idea what you’re missing out on!

    I was cracking up with your thesaurus comment because I stopped reading and said “Whoa! Big words, Suzi” and Eric was like what are you talking about lol! Then I read your comment and lost it!

    Thanks for joining the hop!

  4. Ah yes, the clog. I actually like them a lot, but I have some weird thing going on with my toe joints and can no longer wear shoes like clogs. I never wore flip-flops for the same reason (my shoes usually need to have a strap or a back to them to keep them on my feet), but I got into flip-flops this summer. I have a pair of sketcher flip flops that are sooo comfortable and cute! I have never had such a comfortable pair of flip-flops in my whole life. So now I’m on the look-out for good flip-flops and as long as I don’t wear them for long periods of time, my toe joints don’t hurt.

    I loved your big words! 😀 When I wrote my post tonight I typed self-recrimination and thought “I wonder what Suzi will think of that one?”

  5. I get the whole shoe thing, although not about the flip flops. I live in my flip flops:) I sat clueless for a while before coming up with mine as well.

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