The Name Game

So I’ve talked about the writer Jolene Perry before, but just in case you missed those posts, she’s a terrific author. Which means not only is she a great writer, but also a wonderful person. Always willing to answer questions and help others.
She has a fantastic giveaway going now for her new release (the rafflecopter is at the end of the post) and it kind of got me thinking again about the whole name thing.

Jolene’s Giveaway

I watched Jolene as she sorted out through the pen name issues. Recently she got all her different books separated out so that different categories are under different names.
She writes under Jolene Betty Perry for her LDS fiction. Click here
Then she writes under Jolene Perry for her YA fiction. Click here
And lastly (I think), she writes under Mia Josephs for her NA fiction. Click here
I’ve pretty much figured I’d use Suzi Retzlaff as my author name. Which is my married name. The stories I’m actively working on now are mostly young adult. But I just started an adult contemporary too. And I’ve got about 7 others written that are temporarily shelved due to time constraints. But I’m excited about my current adult WIP, and since I feel like it’s got some unique aspects to it (don’t we all think that though 🙂 ), I’d really like to pursue publishing for this one when it’s finished.
Since I’m unpublished as of yet, I don’t need to have the pen name thing figured out now, but I should be thinking of it. Would I use my maiden name? Would I use a whole new name?
Luckily for me, both my maiden and current names are uncommon enough that there won’t be any author confusion, but I just haven’t decided what to do. I’ve got kind of a funny issue with the name thing, but I think I’ll post that next week.
So, I’m curious if any other unpublished authors have thought about this—using different pen names for different types of stories. Or with published authors, how they came up with their pen names.
And now, make sure you enter Jolene’s giveaway because she’s generously offering the three books in The Next Door Boys series and The Weight of Love… all in paperback (plus some Amazon buck.). So register through the rafflecopter and go check out her site too.
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  1. I write under my maiden name because (a) it’s unique and I love it, and (b) my married name (Amanda Pepper) is also the protagonist in a series of mystery novels, so in terms of finding me on Google or Amazon or whatever, I couldn’t really use it.

  2. That’s exciting about your adult novel – I love it when you really feel a WIP has potential. I guess I’d use a pseudonym if I wrote in lots of different genres – probably not my maiden name but maybe a combination of family names from different generations so it felt personal but less obviously me!

  3. I’m not sure what I’d do if I wrote a lot of different genres. I always imagined that if I ever published anything, I’d do it under my maiden name. I hope one day I have to make a decision!

  4. I’ve read one of Jolene Perry’s books that she co-authored with Nyrae Dawn. 🙂 Regarding your discussion of pen names, I keep hearing that it’s too much trouble to promote under various pen names unless you need to separate something like erotica from YA.

  5. SO worth separating for me. SO worth it.

    I know it won’t solve all the issues I’ve run into w/ my genre hopping, but hopefully it’ll solve SOME of them…

    Also. Suzi. YOU ROCK!!

  6. Rachel Schieffelbein

    The stories I have out now are YA, but I want to write NA and MG, too, which seem like they should have separate names! I haven’t decided though if I should use the same name for MG & YA or YA & NA. I guess I’ll worry about it if I ever get those written and published. 😉

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