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Today we’re celebrating the release of a terrific new Christmas Anthology, The Spirit of Christmas by a bunch of fantastic authors. Click here to find it on Amazon. The cool thing about this is the authors are donating the proceeds to

So instead of Christmas, this blog hop is about what we want for NaNo.

I hadn’t planned on doing NaNo this year. I did it last year, and won, so I don’t need to prove it to myself. And I feel like I have too much going on since I have things to edit.

But I figured what the hell. Why not. So I’m going to work on a new story I started recently. It’s an adult contemporary set in Brazil. I’m excited about it because I think it’ll be really interesting. And it’ll require a lot of research. So this isn’t some story I’m going to finish in a short time. I may write a lot of it before the research is done, the basic story, but then I’ll have to work in descriptions and things about Brazil’s culture that I really don’t know about right now.

So what I want for NaNo is to get halfways into it. I know we’re supposed to strive for 50,000. But that feels unrealistic. Bigger but… I just wanted to be a part of NaNo because it’s fun to watch how others are doing.

My working title is called Piranha. And as you may guess, there are piranha’s involved. But I couldn’t think of anything creative yet, so I went with that.

I kinda feel guilty signing up for NaNo knowing I probably won’t finish, but you never know. It’s still possible.

Thank you to these ladies and gentleman for hosting the blog hop: JA Bennett, Jessica Salyer, David Powers King, Kelley Lynnm, and Cassie Mae.

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  1. I guess because I like to “officially” win, but not “officially” lose, if I was pretty sure I would lose NaNo I would only participate unofficially. 😛 I know that’s kind of cheating, but that’s just how I would do it. I’ve done it that way in the past.

    I feel guilty doing NaNo because I have MANY things to edit. Many, many things. But oh well, I can’t help myself!

  2. Isn’t so much fun to write about a place you know nothing about?! I love it. I research is the best part and you learn cool and exciting new things! Best of luck Suzi! I could never do NaNo… I can’t focus enough.

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