Two For The Price Of One

I am totally stoked to have two special writers here with me today to celebrate the release of their new adult novel collaboration: Unexpectedly You by Mia Josephs and Riley Janes.
Many of you know that Mia Josephs is the pen name of Jolene Perry—who has done a ton of collaboration projects with other writers, but this story is the first to be published by Riley Janes. I haven’t read it yet but expect it to be fantastic because…
1. Mia is a terrific writer, and
2. Mia only writes collaborations with other terrific authors, hence Riley is a terrific writer too.
Welcome ladies. Gonna keep it simple today. A few questions and that’s it. Oh, Mia is in red and Riley is in blue. And I am in black.
In Unexpectedly You the main characters are brought together through a wedding planning business in Las Vegas. I always thought wedding planning would be fun. Except that you have to deal with some overly picky brides sometimes. So… were either of you a bridezilla when you got married?

 Totally no. I’m way too relaxed for that. We didn’t have a ring for Mike until like two minutes before the ceremony… We forgot the music… I was like – whatever. I’M GETTING MARRIED lol.
I was so NOT a bridezilla, but I can say someone in the wedding party was… 😉 All I cared about that day was the honeymoon! LOL.
Hmmm. I wonder if that was Riley’s husband. Wouldn’t that be funny. But really, that wasn’t my big question, but thanks for answering. So back to Unexpectedly You. What made you choose Vegas and a wedding planning business for the setting?
I saw this picture on Pinterest of this hot guy behind a camera, smoking. He became Nate and I liked the idea of a snobby arty guy being stuck taking wedding photos. And because torturing characters is fun, I made it his mommy’s business.
OMG. I so love to torture people… I mean characters, too.

 Yep, Mia came up with the idea, said, “hey, wanna write this chick?” and I said, “Sure!”
That would’ve been my answer too.

 So above I listed my two very good reasons why people should read this book, but I want to hear from you guys. Why do YOU think we should read this book?
1. Nate is hot.
2. Seriously smokin’ hot
3. there’s some fun sexy stuff and not just between the two main characters
4. I think girls will either really identify with Brooke or just find her hilarious, or both.
5. the “first meeting” scene
6. the “post scary movie” scene
7. the scene where Nate pulls his man card and snags a date with a maid of honor
8. the “catching Brooke alone” scene
9. the “final” scene
10. because it’s funny when two people irritate each other
11. because friends to more stories make me happy
12. Because the cover photo is pretty

13 Nate is hot.
14. wait, that was said already?
15. Okay, he’s more than hot. He’s talented, broken-hearted, and just adorbs with his banter with Brooke.
16. it’ll make you laugh
17. it’ll make you laugh a lot.
18. it’s short, sweet, and a one-sitting type read that will leave you kinda smiling like a goof
19. because all Mia’s stuff is seriously awesome, so even if you just read it for her half, it’ll be worth it 😉

Wow. You guys went way above and beyond. And I’m definitely sold!

 So… collaborations are kinda the thing right now. And really, you get two writers for the price of one, and how can you beat that. What made you guys decide to do this collaboration project?

 Riley had all this insanity going on and I’d been working on a lot of really heavy books. I sent her the pic and Nate’s backstory and said – I think you’d be perfect to write this girl. You up for it?

 When Mia Josephs asks you to write a story with her, you say yes, then pinch yourself to make sure you didn’t dream it 😉

 I would agree – no, you don’t. 🙂
So final question. Which of you would like to be the first to write a collaboration with me?
*twenty minutes later*
Well I guess, they’re having a hard time deciding who gets to be the lucky one, so I’ll wrap this up now. 🙂
Thanks ladies for stopping by. And here is the blurb for Unexpectedly You, and where you can find it. Oh, and a chance to win it.

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Brooke Winters has every second of her day planned out. She makes lists for the satisfaction of checking things off. When Marks Events and Weddings has an opening, she knows she’s perfect for the job. What she doesn’t expect is that the boss’s unkempt and full of bad attitude son will be the person she works most closely with.

Nate Marks lost his fiancé and his best friend the moment he walked in on them sleeping together. He finds himself back at home in Las Vegas with his mother, taking photos for her wedding planning business instead of creating a portfolio to show at art galleries. Heartbroken and lost, Nate couldn’t care less about how he’s perceived by wedding clients… or the newest hire, Brooke.

When Brooke finds Nate at the office passed out and hung over, she quickly fixes him up to look presentable for their meetings. Nate spills about his broken relationship, and soon their clashed personalities balance each other out. But when they both discover there might be more between them, they panic.

Brooke’s determined to live life on her schedule, which never included a relationship with a co-worker or friend, and with Nate still aching over the girl he thought he’d spend his life with—they’re both about to lose a love they never expected to find.

Unexpectedly You is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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