The Big Reveal

Welcome to the Big Reveal

I enjoy reading author interviews, but often times they don’t ask the kinds
of questions I wonder about. So I’ve assembled a group of writers at
all levels, from un-agented to published, and every week I will
have a new question for them.

Do you have any trunked novels?


Medeia Sharif
Absolutely. Some will never see the light of day and a few I plan on taking out and rewriting.


Manda Pepper
My Master’s thesis was a middle-grade novel that I’d like to go rewrite. I’d based it on some undergrad work that my professor had encouraged me to continue, and he passed away a couple years ago, and I’d very much like to finish that work in his honor.


Rachel Schieffelbein
I have trunked picture books, and a trunked MG which will probably never again see the light of day. I also have a trunked MG that I plan to rewrite as a YA.


Ilima Todd
Several. There’s only one that I refuse to revisit again, but a few I’d like to work on when I have the time. Mostly I have either the beginnings of novels or detailed outlines in the queue waiting for my attention. Too many ideas…not enough time!


Janeal Falor
I have quiet a few trunked novels. Most of them will (thankfully) stay that way. They served their purpose helping me learn to write, but they definitely need to stay unpublished.

The very first novel I wrote though, I’m still completely in love with and think it has potential to be loved by readers as well. When I have time for another side project (hardy-har-har) I’d love to go clean it up using the skills I’ve learned the last seven years and publish it.


Julie Sondra Decker
I only have three novels completed that I think are publishable. But I wrote one at age 14 that is not salvageable, and I wrote four when I was in college that I consider trunked. (I decided they don’t have enough mainstream appeal to pursue publication, so I redeveloped their characters and adventures into a webcomic, which is ongoing now.)

And then there’s one that’s sort of a hybrid of trunked and active; I wrote a gigantic book and tried to get literary agency representation for it, and after my first full manuscript request ended in “You will never sell a book this big,” I rewrote it as a trilogy. (The first book is on submission to publishers now, and I haven’t rewritten the second and third parts yet.) I do have a MG novel that’s collecting dust and I do intend to pick it up again one day, but it will not be my next project.

Kyra Lennon
I really don’t have any trunked novels at the moment. I mean, I have some I wrote years ago but never finished for various reasons.I don’t really consider them trunked, though. More like, put aside until I have time for them lol.


Do you have any trunked novels?

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  1. Many.

    Too many.

    Mostly cause I wrote and wrote before I started even thinking about querying. They’ll need a lot of work, but I will go back to them when I get the time.

  2. I have half started ones that I’ve pushed to the wayside if that counts. I should work on at least finishing them so they can rightfully “trunked”.

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