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A few weeks ago I talked about cleaning up my Kindle, including getting rid of stuff I’d gotten for free, but now know I’ll probably never read. And I did some organizing by creating several collections (folders).
-Kids stories
-Short stories/novellas (because when I want something short, it’s easy to find)
-Books on writing (it’s good to reference these every once in a while)
So proud of myself. But also kicking myself for not doing this long ago.
Now on to Goodreads. I look at reviews of course, but I haven’t used it much other than my to-read and read list. And really, I just add books to my to-read list, I don’t have them in any order.
But now I’ve realized I should be using GR to categorize books I want to read, because I so often forget what’s waiting to be read. So I set up a folder to show these to-read books
-Books I can get at the library, whether e-book or real.
-Short stories/novellas on my Kindle
-Novels on my Kindle
-Books (real) I own
This will help me better keep track of what’s available, because my to-read list includes many books that aren’t currently available to me. (Mostly because I’m not ready to buy them, cause you know… I got too many books waiting to be read and don’t need to buy more.)
So do you use the categories on Goodreads for more than just to-read and read lists? What categories have you set up?

2 Responses

  1. You can make folders on the kindle? Where have I been!

    I don’t go on Goodreads much anymore. I don’t have a lot of time to read, and therefore I can’t interact much as a reader. Ever since the multiple kerfluffles about relationships between authors and goodreads members I’ve kind of avoided it as an author. 🙁

  2. I didn’t know I could create folders on my Kindle/Kindle app! I really need to clean that up and organize it.

    I don’t do as much with Goodreads as I’d like. Maybe I should set up more shelves…. Yeah, that’s what I need. MORE shelves. 🙂

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