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I thought this Pitch Wars Mentee Bio Bloghop thing looked kinda fun, so I figured I’d better jump right in. Check out Dannie Morin’s site for the linky list of other participants.

For Pitch Wars I submitted my young adult novel, VARYING DEGREES OF BLAME. And yes, it is complete, around 56,000 words. It’s a dual point of view, told by a boy and a girl. There’s some romance, but that’s not the story. There’s bad parents… and there’s good parents. There’s a girl who is motivated to avoid the mistakes of her mother. And there’s a boy who grows and learns how to forgive.
So if any of the mentors I submitted to stop by, here is why you should pick me.
1. I picked you, so obviously I have good taste.
2. I wrote my story for NaNo. That’d be NaNo 2012, so don’t worry, it’s been critiqued and revised before you. And I so want to add my name to that NaNo page where it shows published NaNo books.
3. I’ve written more than 1.4 million words (in novels) and I’m ready for that next step. (Agent. Publisher. Movie Rights. Becoming the next JK Rowling, except for contemporary young adult.)
4. I am very open to hearing all your comments and suggestions. Even though I’ve written a bunch and have queried 2 other novels, I am quite aware that I do NOT know it ALL. And I’m always wanting to learn more.
5. I hate querying, and I would be forever thankful to you if you help me find an agent via this contest so I don’t have to query.
6. I think it’d be so cool to be a Pitch Wars Mentor. And being chosen by you, and then picked up by an agent and publisher would be the best way to assure an invite for me to be a mentor for Pitch Wars next year.
7. And last but not least, I’ve got a terrific story with characters I love, and I want the world to love them too.
So those are a few reasons why you should pick me.
Now on to the more boring stuff which you can probably find on other pages of my site, but I’ll summarize right here.
-I mostly write contemporary young adult. I’ve also done some new adult/adult, but have always stuck to contemporary.
-I like writing about people with problems. But I like happy endings too.
-I am also a mom.
-I am also a civil engineer. (Hence the Literary Engineer title)
-I have a husband, a dog, and 2 kids.
-I love to write. (Yes, big surprise.)
Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out some of the other mentees by clicking on the link above.

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