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To celebrate the launch of their books Soul Cutter and The Ghosts of Aquinnah, Lexa Cain and Julie Flanders are hosting the Dream Vacation Blog Hop. Very simple: name your dream destination.

There are lots of places I’d love to visit, so I was trying to think of something unique for this blog hop. And that’s when I thought of this.

I would love to spend a week (or whatever) living in a castle. A real castle that is hundreds of years old. I’m not picky, there are many castles I would try, but I can’t list them all. So here are a few. Oh, and I’m not going off interesting history or anything, I’m just going off looks. And I’m pretty sure they aren’t really open for tourists to live in, but I can dream. This is the Dream Destination Blog Hop after all.

All these pictures came from a website and were taken by different photographers. Go here to check them out.

One of my top picks:
Chenonceaux in France. Built over a river. Is there anything cooler than that? No! The setting is one of pure relaxation. This place is gorgeous. And I actually got to visit it years ago. Of course that was probably a 3 hour tour. I want to stay at this place for a week. Perhaps a month. Or more.

Can you imagine sitting under a tree, looking up at this place and writing? I could. And I’m pretty damn sure I’d love it.
Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany comes a close second. This is so totally beautiful, sticking up above the trees. And sleeping up in one of those spires… a dream come true. 

Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Look how tall this castle is. I so want to go up into those spires, or that little balcony right in the middle. Definitely cool.
  Chambourd in France. Can you say ah-mazing. This place is gigantic. You could get lost in it for days. This too was a place I once got to visit, but I’m sure we saw like oh—5% of the chateau because again… it’s hute!


Alcazar in Spain. This place is stunning. And look what’s behind the castle. Even more stunning beauty. (If you can’t really tell from the picture, it looks like snow capped mountains.) Would love to go here.

Strecno Castle in Slovakia. Sure this place looks like it’s just ruins, so maybe a weeks stay would not work. But look at those rocky cliffs and all the trees. Think of all the ghosts possibly roaming around. I’d love to visit this place.
Bodiam Castle in England. A fortress. Stocky and imposing. Awesome.
What an amazing opportunity it’d be to visit these places and sit and write. And write. And write. They totally fit my definition of a dream destination.
So what about you? What’s your dream vacation spot? And have you ever been to any real castles?

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  1. Wow – Castle love on so many stops today! I get their draw. My friend and my niece both wed in castles in Scotland. Beautiful and so full of history. Some lovely pictures too. X

  2. Yes, yes, yes – CASTLES!!! I’m such a castle fanatic even though I’ve never been to one (unless the Cloisters in NY count). I’d love to go to the ones in your pics. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for joining the hop. 🙂

  3. I have been to half of these castles, all would be great choices. It’s possible to stay in castles in Spain, and probably lots of other countries. I hope you get your dream.

  4. Rachel Schieffelbein

    I am so with you on this! I love castles. 🙂 Those pictures are amazing. The only one I’ve ever visited was Conwy castle in Wales, which is not like those! It was still awesome, though.

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