Another One

So just recently I got another signed book to add to my collection. Okay, I’ve had it a few months, but I actually just started reading it and am loving it.
This summer I almost got to meet Kelley when I went to a writing retreat. But she ended up having some conflicts and didn’t make it. So… I had to wait to get my book signed.
But luckily, the wonderful Jessica Salyer, whom I met for the first time that weekend too, took my book back to Kelley, who signed it and sent it back to me.
I’ve always been a contemporary reader and every once in a while I jump into fantasy. And I’m glad I did this time too, because Kelley’s story and characters have me wanting to keep reading.
So thank you to Kelley (and Jessica). It’s cool to get autographed books, but to get them from friends, that’s is super cool!

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  1. Awww, thanks Suzi! It’s kinda dark, and i know you like that stuff, so hopefully, even though it has a flair of fantasy, its still to your liking.

    And this summer, we’re picking a weekend when I don’t have a softball tourny. I need to meet you!!!

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