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Welcome to the Big Reveal

I enjoy reading author interviews, but often times they don’t ask the kinds
of questions I wonder about. So I’ve assembled a group of writers at
all levels, from un-agented to published, and every week I will
have a new question for them.

Have you ever written any novels that required a lot of research?

Ilima Todd
The only novels I’ve written that seem like it’d take a lot of research was about topics I already knew a lot about, because I don’t like doing research. This is probably why I like writing futuristic stories…I can make things up. Of course every book still needs research, and I do some before, during, and after drafting, but I don’t like it. 🙂


Kyra Lennon
I tend to veer away from anything that needs major research as I’m not a fan of spending hours on the internet or in the library searching for information lol.


Manda Pepper
The Peter Stoller books are set in the 60s, so I’m constantly having to check that I’m not using anything anachronistically. (And I apologize now for any mistakes.) And then a book like “The K-Pro” involved some refresher courses on Classical mythology. That’s always fun. When I write Sherlock Holmes stories, my computer history is filled with stuff about dead bodies, etc. I find it interesting, but not everyone would, I suppose.


Medeia Sharif
No. Some required a moderate amount of research. Most of it I did before writing and some of it I did while writing. I find research fascinating and can get lost in it.


Rachel Schieffelbein
So far I haven’t had to do a ton of research for the books I’ve written, but my next project will require more.


Janeal Falor
Though I write fiction, fantasy at that, I’m always doing a lot of research. Typically, it comes as I write when I realize I don’t know something. I feel like I’m always discovering interesting things, but my brain can’t seem to keep them once I utilize them in my books. Plagued with bad memory. Thank goodness for note taking!


Julie Sondra Decker
Yes. Normally my research is done as I write. I don’t tend to do a ton of world-building or extremely complicated settings, and most of my books are about character growth as opposed to plot-heavy action, so most of my research is on how to accurately portray a character’s perspective. I have occasionally done things like researching mountain-climbing because of a character needing to go rock climbing or researching which wild animals exist in the rural areas of a certain state so that I would know what predators might stalk my characters, but the more personal and character-oriented research I’ve done involved subjects like child development, genetics, psychology, religion, fairy tales, name trends, illnesses, and languages/dialects. I’ve stumbled over a ton of information over the years that wasn’t relevant to the project I was researching but very interesting anyway.


Do you do a lot of research for your stories?

5 Responses

  1. I always do a ton of research for anything I’m writing. I write fantasy mostly so I like to make sure I have some things correct and then expland from there. I research, research, research. I know a lot of stuff about nothing at all. lol

  2. I do research for time and place. For my second book, I did research on the history of a name, which led me to build time and place, which eventually was streamlined into the plot. I love those little surprises of ideas. So you never know.

  3. I don’t tend to do a lot of research, but when I get somewhere and realize I don’t know anything about the subject I’m writing about, I’ll stop and research. When I was writing STUMPED, I really needed to some technical knowledge about something, and when I Googled it, I got a lot of really weird Russian porn…. So it pays to be careful what you type into that Google box!

  4. I do try to research different types of weapons for my battle scenes. Also, for my first novel, I spent a fair amount of time researching feudal castles. I’m not doing a medieval story, it’s fantasy, but set in a medieval time. But it’s not been too much. I’m thinking about adding a Russian sense to the world (not in Russia, but so many fantasies seem to be in an alternate form of England and I’d like mine to feel different) so I plan to research for that. I’m also thinking for my next piece to give it a China feel. Same reason.

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