Xanadu Anyone?

You know what’s coming up? The A to Z Blogging Challenge. And yes, it’s not until April, but I need to plan. No way can I pull it together last minute. Too much stress.

Boy, isn’t this pretty. I love the color.

I’ve actually known for a while what I’m doing. It has to do with music, and it’ll take a lot of pre-planning, but luckily, I got the idea a long time ago—like not long after last year’s challenge. So I’ve gathered lots of songs. Had to keep a notebook in the car, cause I’d hear one on the radio and go, ahh, that’s perfect for A to Z.
But now I was thinking, maybe I should so something different. Not totally different. Just the way I organize it. Originally, the theme was going to be “Songs that…” then the letter will be whatever. Like songs that remind me of high school, or songs that I wanted for my wedding, etc.
The problem is I have to get very liberal with matching the theme to the letter. Like Q is a toughie. And so I came up: Songs that never quit, but I still love. (i.e. long songs) So obviously, the Q is quit, but it’s buried halfway into the line. Or Songs that make me tear up—for the letter T.
They’re not all like that, but there’s a few.
I’ve got a good list of songs, but I want to re-think this. Will maybe have to play with that list. See if I can use the band’s names or the titles of songs instead.
So for instance, I have 3 songs that make me cry. If one of the titles starts with a G, then use that. And then I can say, this song makes me cry, and here’s two others (that don’t start with G).
Or I can do the same thing with the band name. G is for Guns and Roses, and they have a song that was a remake, and I like the original better. Then have 2 other songs that are remakes.
So I don’t know what to do. I need to work with my song list and see what works best I guess.
Oh wow. I was just thinking how it might be hard to find a song for X. But seriously, one popped in my head right then. Maybe that’s a sign I should go with the first idea. Just in case you’re wondering, the song is Xanadu—and we had it on a record when I was a kid. I can still hear the tune in my head.
Anyway, I guess I have some work to do.
Anyone else doing A to Z this year?
And does anyone else remember Xanadu? (If you weren’t a child of the late 70s and early 80s, you probably wouldn’t.) It’s a great song, especially if you’re an Olivia Newton John fan.

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  1. I remember Xanadu!

    I still haven’t decided if I’ll do the A to Z. I want to, but my baby is due in April, and I don’t know if I’ll have time between now and then to prewrite all my posts—not to mention time in April itself to visit blogs.

    Your theme sounds great!

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