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I want to thank Lara Schiffbauer for nominating me for the Shauny Blog Award. It was something I hadn’t heard of, but it’s a great way to tell those other bloggers who’ve supported you on your way.
It was created last November by Doctor Rex in honor of Shaun Gibson, a Scottish blogger who lives with chronic pain syndrome.The sentiment in which the award was created is just beautiful and the only rules, if you can call them rules, are these: Show Humanity, Show Love, Be Yourself, Don’t Be Others, Don’t Gossip, and Share This Award with 10 others. (Okay, I only did four. 🙂 )
There are so many awesome bloggers out there, but four of them stand out of the crowd. These ladies are all writers, terrific writers, and they’ve supported me in the blogging and writing world. Because really, I’m blogging because of my writing.
So in no particular order…
Laura Schiffbauer: And seriously, I’m not giving her the award because she did for me. 🙂
As a blogger: Not long after I started blogging, I found Lara. She had some inspiring posts and other informative writing posts, and she hooked me there. I read her blog for a while before I started commenting, but then finally got more comfortable. Lara also does these Friday Fun post with great pictures of animals and captions. She’s seriously one of the first blogs I read Friday mornings because her pictures are always good for a laugh.
As a writer: Lara’s been super supportive of my projects, always ready to help. And I’ve been lucky to read her work too and can’t wait to see her #2 book in her Adven Series. Someday I hope to meet her and maybe when we both become famous writers, we’ll take a drive and meet halfway between our homes. (Btw, Lara, I checked out the map, and I think South Dakota’s Black Hills would be a perfect halfway point. 🙂
Cassie Mae
As a blogger: Cassie Mae was another one there when I first got into blogging. She is so funny and so sweet. In my early blogging times, I’d be going around visiting blogs and I’m like, oh—there’s Cassie Mae. Then I’d go to another, and another, and Cassie Mae was like always one of the commentors. I’m not sure how she kept up with them all, but she was everywhere. She is just a terrific blogger: fun and interesting.
As a writer: Cassie Mae totally makes me laugh. Her characters are sometimes sweet, sometimes fun, sometimes silly, and you just love them. She is also another writer I admire, successful in both self and traditional publishing. She’s got so many fires burning, I can hardly keep up with them all, but I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to read her work before it’s published. I met Cassie Mae once, but will get to see her also at the Storymakers Conference.
Jolene Perry
As a blogger: Jolene was also one of those who I started following in my early blogging days. She always had fun posts and I learned a lot about writing and publishing. At first I was nervous leaving a comment on her blog, but I got over that when I found out how cool she was.
As a writer: Jolene is one of those writers I’d love to be. Yes, she writes (and has been publishing) lots of great novels, but… she is just an awesome person. Always willing to help. And I can’t wait to meet her at the April Storymakers conference we’ll both be at.
Theresa Paulo
As a blogger: I didn’t find Theresa right away when I first started blogging, but it didn’t take long. I think it was a blog hop she hosted with another. I hadn’t done a lot of blog hops at that time, but this was a fun one—and if I remember right, relatively easy. And so that’s when I really started visiting her blog. And I’m like, ohh, I love the sound of the stories she writes. They’re similar to what I like to read. And the rest is history. (Of course anything in the past is now history, I suppose. 🙂 )
As a writer: As I said above, I love the type of stories Theresa writes. I’ve gotten to read a ton of hers and love them all. There’s always romance/love in there, but there’s usually some type of emotional issue that the main characters struggle with. She makes her characters struggle a lot. (Which is good. 🙂 ) She’s been so very supportive too, helping me with mine and always there to make me laugh. I’ve seen Theresa twice, but I’m sure there’ll be much more times. The next time I go to NYC, I’m staying with her, because she is totally fun too. (Here’s your warning, Theresa, if I hadn’t mentioned this yet. 🙂 )
So those are my four picks, because as I said, they’re all terrific writers… terrific women… and terrific friends.

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  1. I seriously don’t know what happened to my subscribing to your blog by e-mail, but it hasn’t let me know about any of your posts! Thank you so much for all those nice things you said about me! And, I think maybe sometime when the snow isn’t falling we should take a trip to the Black Hills! 😀

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