A To Z – Bad Message, Good Song

There are a bunch of songs I feel guilty about listening to because they have a bad message: songs about drinking or drugs. And part of me feels like I’m promoting those things, but I still like the songs. So here are a few…

This Afternoon by Nickelback – Sitting around drinking beer and smoking pot with your friends. Nope, didn’t do that, but still like the song.


Lit Up by Buckcherry – Doing cocaine… not thanks. Still like the song though.


Mas Tequila by Sammy Hagar – This probably the least worst of the three. Tequila is disgusting, and I have no desire to drink it, nor did I when I was younger. Still like the song.


On the flip side I have a song that has a better message.

MaMa Told Me (Not to Come) by Three Dog Night – Okay, so maybe it’s not that it has a great message, but it shows what can happens to a good kid when he’s hanging out at a party where the above songs are happening. This song always makes me chuckle.

So do you enjoy any songs that you’d never live in your real life?

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  1. How foolish of me to think I was the only one who felt guilty about liking songs with bad lyrics?! One of my favs – Dr Hook’s song Freaker’s Ball 🙂

  2. Ha. I always thought I was a bad mom for singing along with the radio to the country songs about drinking beers with your friends … but my kids turned out okay (quick – knock on wood somewhere!) … and none of us drink beer. 🙂 I’m stopping by from the A to Z Challenge. 🙂 Nice to meet you.

  3. When it comes to music, you just like what you like. Sort of like reading a murder mystery, even though you would never kill anyone personally. I like “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker. Not something a grandmother should enjoy:)

  4. Have you ever really listened to the words to the Pointer Sisters’s Slow Hand? I loved that song as a kid, and now I’m totally appalled by what it says and what it’s about!

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