A To Z – The End Is In Sight

Some songs go on forever and ever. American Pie, anyone? To me, a normal song is about three-four minutes. I don’t base that on any research, that just is my personal feeling.

The radio versions of longer songs are often cut down, and that sucks is you like the song, but sometimes you get to hear the full version.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf – Awesome song. I totally get a kick out of the lyrics and the back and forth between Meatloaf and the woman. And the song is made up of different parts that vary in style, which makes it not boring. This song is approximately 10 minutes.


Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues – I love a lot of MB songs, but this is one of my favorites. It’s awfully slow and feels like a song you’d mellow out to while smoking pot, but I still like it. This song is approximately seven minutes.


November Rain by Guns N’ Roses – GNR was big when I was in junior and senior high school. I likes some of their songs, others not so much, but I love November Rain. It’s just a beautiful song and is approximately 10 minutes.


What about you? Are there any super long songs that you love?

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  1. Paradise By The Dashboard Light is one of my favourite songs EVER! I agree, the fact that it changes up all the way through and isn’t just one tune in one style throughout keeps it entertaining and interesting.

  2. A to Z challenge again this year! Impressive! I’m a one-timer. 😉 I loved November Rain! I can still remember watching the music video over and over again, loving her slutty wedding dress, and wanting one just like it one day. Ha! Thankfully, my wedding dress looked nothing like that.

  3. Denise McGee

    Meatloaf loves his long songs. Anything for Love runs nearly 10 minutes as well for the full version.

  4. A lot of them: “Time” by the Chambers Brothers, “Get Ready” by Rare Earth, “In-a-gadda-da-vida” by Iron Butterfly, “Beginnings” by Chicago (the single never sounded right), “Green Eyed Lady” by Sugarloaf, and “Riders on the Storm” by the Doors (the full version is not all that much different than the single, but it sounds more complete). I could probably think of a hundred more; I love those long jams from the ’60s and ’70s!


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