A To Z – Inspiration And Ideas

Like many novelists, I have songs that have inspired story ideas. I’ve actually had quite a few. some I’ve written, others still waiting in my idea book.

Everything She Wants by Vertical Horizon – This song inspired a novel I wrote–adult contemporary. My story is very close to what happens in the lyrics. About a man who loves woman but she loves someone else. The song is kinda sad actually, but I love it.


Because of You by Kelly Clarkson – Kelly Clarkson is awesome. She has a ton of songs I love, and that list includes this one. The song in this story seems to be about the effects of the parents’ relationship on a woman and how it affects her life. More so based on how her dad left. The story I wrote is a little different, but it’s about a woman who grew up with a narcissistic mother and how it’s affected her life.


Chevy Van by Sammy Johns – This is a 70s song that I think I first heard because it was on one of our records. It’s about a man who picks up a woman hitchhiker (something I don’t recommend), and what happens with her. (Not murder 🙂 ) This inspired a story, but I haven’t fleshed it out, or written it. There are too many other ideas I have and stories I’ve written that need editing, so I’m not sure if/when I’ll get to this one.


I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At The Disco – This song is about a man getting married who finds out about his cheating bride at the wedding. I totally get a kick out of this song, and the video of this is totally cheesy. I haven’t written anything, but I had an idea on the premise of this song. Again, haven’t fleshed it out, but maybe someday I will.


Have any songs inspired you to write a story or some other kind of art?

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  1. Back in 2010 into 2011 I wrote a really popular series of Sherlock fan fic that had been in large part inspired by the music at the time. “Animal” by Neon Trees and lots of Maroon 5, some Gin Blossoms, that kind of thing.

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