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This post is pretty basic. Songs that I love to listen to. They’re not necessarily my favorites, but they are some of those songs (from the different decades), that when I hear them on the radio, I never turn the station. (Which I tend to do, more so in the car, when a song I don’t like comes on.)
Remember the Feeling by Chicago – Chicago is probably my favorite groups of all time. My dad got me interested in them, and they have so many terrific songs. Chicago 17 came out when I was growing up, so that’s maybe why it was my favorite album. I remember rewinding my cassette over and over to listen to this song. I don’t think this one got as much play as some of the others because I don’t remember hearing it on the radio much, but it’s my favorite Chicago song. So sad and beautiful.

It’s Been Awhile by Staind – This is a totally somber song, but… when I listen to it, I hear the hope, that this is the turning point and things are going to get better. Maybe others see it differently though.

I love this song, but anybody see a problem with the title? I went to their official website to make sure I had the title worded corectly. And I do.
So if you don’t see what’s wrong, go to Grammar Girl’s posting about AWHILE vs. A WHILE.

One Toke Over the Line by Brewer and Shipley – I heard this song for the first time a few years back on an AM station I listened to in the mornings during work. They played it a lot, and it totally grew on me. I’m not much into folk music, but I love this one.

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana – Nirvana has some interesting songs, and this is probably my favorite. One of the interesting things is their lyrics. Sometimes you read them and just go WTF. What does that mean? So I wouldn’t even try to interpret them, and unfortunately the guy who wrote most of them is dead.

Breaking up Hard to Do by Neil Sedaka – My parents listened to the oldies when I was growing up, and there are tons of great songs. This is just one of the fun one.

So what are some of your favorite songs?

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  1. When it comes to Chicago, my favourite song is Hard To Say I’m Sorry – it’s such a great song to belt out.

    If anyone tries to turn the radio down or off during a Fleetwood Mac or a Maroon 5 song, there is big trouble!

  2. Hmm. Depends on the season and/or circumstances for me. Maybe I should think about it in these terms: “Songs I never get tired of” . . . And that’s pretty much anything by Matchbox Twenty /Rob Thomas (again!), or Maroon 5 or The Script. I especially love “Science & Faith” by The Script. I find their work inspirational for when I’m writing.

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