A To Z – Now That’s Love

There are so many wonderful love songs out there, so it was hard to chose. But here’s a few of my faves.

In This Life by Collin Raye – Hmmm, another Collin Raye song, and it also makes me weepy. I always thought this song was about a man and woman, then I stumbled on the video I show below.
And now I’m wondering if this song is about Jesus.
1. There is no mention of woman or the use of SHE in the lyrics.
2. I watched the official CR video, and it’s just him singing. No pictures of a woman. At the very end, the camera pans down to his hand as he’s playing the piano and you see a wedding ring on his finger, but otherwise no mention of a woman.
So that was kind of cool because I’d never considered that it might have a Christian theme.


You and Me by Lifehouse – There’s a lot of songs by these guys I love, but this is one of my favorites.


I’ll Be by Edwin McCain – I don’t know many other songs by EM, but this one is beautiful. By the way, does anyone else associate this with Beverly Hills 90210 episode with Brandon leaving? Or maybe that’s just me.


What are your favorite love songs?

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  1. Rachel Schieffelbein

    I love I’ll Be. 🙂
    I had never thought about In This Life being a Christian song either. Interesting.

  2. There have been a lot of songs I thought were romantic love songs but later think, hey, this would work for a Christian song too. Both are fantastic.

  3. I like Lifehouse too! “All In” is one of my favorites by them. I generally prefer upbeat songs, and so many songs are about love . . . Today I’m loving “Overjoyed” by Matchbox Twenty because my iPod played it three times on three different car rides (it’s set to shuffle, but . . .)

  4. Great choices! All songs I’ve loved in the past though don’t really listen to now. Some of my faves are Be Your Everything by Boys Like Girls and Best of Me by Michael Buble.
    A new fave is Can’t Take my Eyes off of you by the Cary brothers.

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