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A to Z – Oldies, but goodies

April 17, 2014 by Suzi

I grew up listening to oldies music because that’s what my parents played, and even now I’ll listen to the oldies station on the radio. Sadly, I feel old cause kids today think that music from the 80s (my growing up year) are the new oldies. :)

Come a Little Closer by Jay and the Americans – I love the music and song this tells. Gives me a chuckle.


The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the Tokens – This song is pretty recognizable with it’s unique tune and lyrics. Recently my son was listening to it and I told him I knew the song. That it’s from Grandma/Grandpa’s time. He was surprised that it’d been around that long because he thought he was showing me a ‘new’ song.


Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and the Comets – This is a pretty well known song, and to me, it totally represents the oldies era. It’s lively, fun and innocent, and makes me want to dance.

Hello Goodbye by the Beetles – So many great Beetles songs. It was hard to choose, but this is one of my favorites. I’d also rate Come Together, Yesterday, and Hey Jude high on that list.


Sloop John B by the Beach Boys – I put the Beach Boys on the same level as the Beetles. The BB have many songs that are still used today in movies or TV. I narrowed my favorites down to three. Sloop John B, Good Vibrations—the meaning lost on me as a child of course, and Wouldn’t it Be Nice.

Do you listen to any oldies music? Any favorites?


  1. My son loves music from the ’70s and ’80s – totally into it! I also like ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and songs like ‘Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay’, ‘Hang on, Sloopy’ and Dr. Hook’s sexy ‘Sharing the NIght Together’. Not always the most wholesome lyrics, but great melodies :)

    My son recently sang ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ for a youth event and got a standing ovation!

  2. I grew up listening to The Beatles, too, and really enjoy their music. My kids do too, now, and my oldest son (now 8) has me sing him “All Together Now” every night before bed.

  3. ilima says:

    The other day my kids were watching a show and the characters mentioned an oldies ’90’s radio station and I was like, what? 90’s are not oldies! I guess that just makes me an oldie, lol.

  4. Tanya Reimer says:

    Not sure when everything I listen to became oldies but it has. lol.

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