A To Z – Voices From The Past

Earlier I talked about some of the 45 records I had. Now here are some of the 78s. Although I will admit, most of these belonged to my brother.

Xanadu by Olivia Newton John – First she had Grease, then followed up with Xanadu. What, you’ve never hear of Xanadu? Not a surprise. I’ve actually never see the movie, but we had the record and I played that a million times over.

Xanadu has a lot of great soundtracks, from both ONJ and Electric Light Orchestra, that bring me back to the 80s. My favorite ELO track is All of the World. It’s upbeat and fun. Plus, I kinda like geography. So a song listing off countries and cities all over the world… well why not.


I’ve always liked Queen, and that interest was probably fostered by my brother. He had ‘The Game’ album. One thing that was so cool about that record was having the lyrics. No internet back then. We had to make up the lyrics if you didn’t know them.

I listened to this record a lot. Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Another One Bites the Dust Dragon Attack. But Play the Game is probably one of my favorites. That intro with what sounds like a circular saw blade. Now that is pretty cool. 🙂


So those of you who grew up in the 70s and 80s probably had a K-Tel album or two. I remember listening to these two albums all the time. Many of the songs still stick in my head. Hard to pick a favorite, but Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys is a pretty cool song.


Run Joey Run by David Geddes is my favorite off this K-Tel Music Express album. This song is filled with emotion. It’s another that can make me cry sometimes, but it’s the storyline for a terrific novel. Young love. Unplanned pregnancy. A father accidentally killing his daughter. 🙂
But.. I also love Philadelphia Freedom. Love Will Keep us Together and Chevy Van.


Did you have any favorite compilation records you listened to back in the 70s and 80s?

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  1. Hey what a great post! I have not thought of K-Tel records in years, but they were so big in the day. Thanks for taking me back with all those tracks. I hope you are enjoying the challenge of A-Z. Keep up the good stuff.

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