Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. Including my own and my husband–both terrific dads.
Most of the stories I write are young adult contemporary, and very often the fathers have a big part in the story.
More often, they tend to be absent, which of course affects my mc’s life in a big way, but sometimes the dad is a positive role model.

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The funny thing is with the ‘good’ dads, they don’t show up a lot throughout the story.
I have one father that I love. A story about two teens, a dual pov between a boy and a girl, called Beyond the Wake. The boy’s father is abusive, and you hardly see him. But the girl’s father is involved with his kids’ life.
And even though he works a lot and isn’t present for much of the story, when he’s around, he has a positive effect. And he plays a huge role in the growth of the boy–who has some issues to work through.
As much as I like to have bad parents that help propel my story forward, I like seeing those good parents too.
Do fathers play a big role in the stories you write?

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  1. Family certainly plays a big role in my characters’ development. David’s mother in The K-Pro, Peter’s family rift in my Peter Stoller series (and his father figure Gordon, who is his boss).

  2. In one of my books, the boy’s father plays a big role. The 9 year old boy wants to make his father (who is an over-achiever) proud of him. In the other books the fathers are silent figures, they are there but have no or very few scenes.

  3. YES. My dad was amazing. He’s been gone a while now, but I can’t help feeling his influence everywhere–especially in my writing. I think often parents don’t play a large enough role in these YA books, and they should. Especially the good ones.

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