The Lucky Seven

Thank you to Rachel Schieffelbein for tagging me for the Lucky Seven. What you do is turn to page 7 or 77 of your current work in progress, count down to the 7th line, and print the next 7 lines.
The WIP I’m revising right now is called Varying Degrees of Blame. A contemporary young adult in dual POV. It’s about two foster kids, an unrelated boy and girl who are thrown together in the same foster family.
The part you’re seeing is 16 year-old Kylie, right after Kylie witnesses her mother getting beaten by her boyfriend.

“You okay?” I asked, crouching down in front of her. Most people thought we were sisters because she was so young, and I hated explaining the truth.

“Kylie honey,” she croaked, “can you get me a glass of ice water please?”

“Sure.” I grabbed the water pitcher and an ice tray from the harvest gold fridge.

Mom held the sweating glass to a dark bump. “Do you want an ice pack?” I asked. She shook her head and removed the glass from her forehead. I reached over to touch the ugly bruise, and she shrunk back. “Maybe I can drive you to the hospital.”

This story is finished, but right now I’m using my fantastic CPs’ critiques to make it even better. And hopefully I’ll be able to start querying by fall sometime.
Thanks, Rachel. And go here to see her posting from her contemporary young adult, Girl In Trouble.

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  1. Awesome fun. Not the beating… I like the connection that came out in this short excerpt. I can’t stand stories about abuse because I want to crack my knuckles and pummel the abusers, but I think your story sounds great.

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