The Downside Of Collaborations

The downside of collaborations… from a reader’s perspective.
When two writers get together and write an amazing story, they forget about one thing.
How difficult it is for us readers to get an autographed book. I mean, it’s hard enough getting an author’s signature, but two? It’s not like they usually live in the same city. Or even state.
So a few years back I got a signed copy of My Heart for Yours (MYFY) from Steph Campbell. Her co-author was Jolene Perry. And my book felt so lonely sitting on the shelf with only one autograph. And then one day, the book got packed up into a suitcase, boarded an airplane, and landed in Salt Lake City. All to accompany me to the Storymakers Conference.
MHFY was overjoyed when I, the lowly owner, presented the book to Jolene Perry and asked her if she could sign it. And she did, cause she’s cool like that. I mean, I didn’t even have to beg or anything. 🙂
And now my book is happy.
But then… while there, the generous Cassie Mae gave me a copy of her collabs with Theresa Paulo, King Sized Beds & Happy Trails and Beach Side Beds & Sandy Paths. And of course she signed them too.
Now those two books are unhappy because they do not have Theresa’s autograph. And now I’m going to have to hunt down her down to get her to sign it because I don’t want those books to be unhappy.
Unfortunately Theresa lives half a country away, but fortunately, she offered that if I ever came to New York, I could stay with her for a week or two. And she’s feed me and clothe me and show me all the sites of NYC. Right, Theresa?
Um, Theresa?
So I’m hoping I don’t have to wait too long before I can get her to sign it. But by then, they’ll have the third story out, Lonesome Beds & Bumpy Roads, and I’ll just bring that one along too. But then it won’t have Cassie Mae’s autograph and then I’ll have to go to Utah again. And they’ll probably write more books together.
And this will never end. See, you collaborating authors, what problems you cause for us readers?
I guess I should stop complaining because I actually have those autographs, huh?
Do you have books that are collaborations, and you got it signed by one or both of the authors?

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  1. I thought this post was going in a whole other direction, lol. I love it. And yes, I got my book signed by Cassie and Jolene. Score!

  2. I don’t have any signed books–maybe one, but purchased signed, not given to the author by me. I’d love to have the chance! I see your problem with author collabs, but I think the solution is easy–win the lottery and fly wherever you want to get them signed! Simple, right?

  3. LOL! You are so awesome! This is definitely the down-side to collaborations! I think this just means we should all take a trip to NY so we can see Theresa and she can sign our books!

  4. Hi, Suzi,

    Thankfully almost all my books are single author. SO autographs are not too much of an issue…

    Wishing you get all your books signed by BOTH authors…

    I hope all is well….

  5. You’re so funny! I imagine, though, it would be kind of sad to have a collaborative book with only one signature. 🙂

    The only collaborative book I have is by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell. I bought it when they were on tour together last fall and so got it signed by both when I went to hear them speak. Whew. I dodged a bullet there, huh!

  6. I guess I don’t read that many books with two authors. I mean, I do have a copy of Good Omens signed by Neil Gaiman but not by Terry Pratchett, but . . . it doesn’t bother me.

    Maybe if I were trying to get writers to sign stories from a favorite anthology? What a nightmare that would be!

    I did once think it would be fun to get autographs, like, on my body and then have them tattooed over and thus be this walking collection of famous signatures . . .

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