A Happier Reader

Last week I talked about getting novels, collaborations specifically, signed by both authors and how hard that can be. Rebecca Barrow had said this in her comment: I see your problem with author collabs, but I think the solution is easy–win the lottery and fly wherever you want to get them signed! Simple, right?
And that got me thinking. I’d love to win the lottery, of course, but would it affect reading habits much?
Yes, of course. I would love to buy a huge house and have the perfect library. You know, wall to wall shelves, a fireplace, and several comfy seating options. Fill it with hundreds of books. Thousands, maybe.
Would I be a happier reader?
Right now I have 308 books on my to read list on Goodreads. And I know I’m missing many more I’d like to read. And granted, I’d have a little more time to read if I won the lottery, but not that significant of an increase. And then my stress leves would increase.
I’d have all these books on my shelf and no way of ever reading them. Not enough time. And I’d keep buying more books I’d probably never get to read.
Wouldn’t that suck? Standing in front of your thousands of books knowing you’ll never get to enjoy them all. Even though they’re right there in front of you.
I guess if I were super rich, I could hire an awesome therapist who would help me get through it. But still, every day I’d have too look at all those books I’d never read.
Then again, I could share my special books with others, and that would make me feel better.
Yes, that’s what I’ll do if I ever win the lottery. And hopefully the happiness of sharing will outweigh the depression of not getting to read all those books.
So if you won the lottery and got to build your own personal library, would it stress you out to know you’d never have enough time to read all those books?

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  1. I guess I’ve just resigned myself to the knowledge that I will never be able to read every book I would like. It’s made me much pickier, too, in what I will read. I put books down pretty quickly if they (a) are poorly written, or (b) fail to catch and keep my attention. Life’s too short for bad books!

  2. I love that thought! I always wanted to have a cool library in my house. Home for thousands of books.

    No, I wouldn’t stress because I fell tranquil in their presence. Visually books on shelves, especially the beautiful leather tomes are a feast for the eyes. SO even though I’d never have the time to read them all, I would bask in their beauty as I sit in there to unwind from a very strenuous day of charity work….

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