Something Weird Happened

I’m actually excited about editing again.
But back up first. My summer plan was to get my ms almost ready for querying, but I lost my motivation and haven’t done too much. I had several critiques from my betas/friends and I needed to make those fixes they suggested.
Luckily there wasn’t big structural things, but more character issues to fix. Which is mostly adding to develop characters or cleaning things up. So I was glad about that.
Still, there was a lot of stuff to fix. Which is why I lost my motivation.
But now I got it back.
I was reading a series of blog posts about tightening your writing. Words to cut. Most of those word are in my big edit list, but I found a few new ones to add.
And now I’m ready to get back into it. I need to fill in a few things, maybe make some cuts, and then I’ll be ready to start those little things. Cutting filler words. Replacing words like walk with more descriptive ones. Stuff like that.
Maybe I’m a little behind schedule, but at least I’m back on track.
And that feels good.

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  1. excellent news! i had put off editing my latest ms for several months too – just too busy with BBF (thanks for stopping by my blog tour, btw!)
    but i just finished a major round of edits. what a relief!

    you will soon be on your way to queryland! woo hoo. (that’s a half-hearted woo hoo, queryland is rough!) good luck!!

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