The Big Reveal

Welcome to the Big Reveal

I enjoy reading author interviews, but often times they don’t ask the kinds
of questions I wonder about. So I’ve assembled a group of writers at
all levels, from un-agented to published, and every week I will
have a new question for them.
This week I have a whole new set of writers,
so I’d like to say welcome, glad to have you here.

For this first week, please let us know a little something about your current WIP. And then I want to know about titles. Are they hard for you?


Danielle Bertrand
Title: Timewalkers, Genre: Mythical Fantasy
Titles usually come easy for me. Once I figure out a premise for a WIP the title will follow shortly after. Creating a title is one of the easiest topics for me when it comes to writing.


J.A. Bennett
Stealing the Stars — Contemporary Fantasy. I don’t have a process for choosing titles, which probably means they suck. I usually try to come up with something on my own, but sometimes I ask for help brainstorming. Titles are hard.


Jackie Felger
I’m writing a new adult contemporary romance for NaNoWrimo. I do have a title for it, but I’m keeping it as Untitled for now.

I have several ideas for titles, even though I don’t have stories to go with them yet. My process is boring, in that, they pop into my head, and I write it down for later. But hey, it works.


Stephanie Faris
My book 25 Roses comes out in January 2015. Titles sometimes come easily, but sometimes I have to write an entire book before a good title comes to me. 25 Roses was one of those titles that came along with the idea. I was thinking about the carnation sales we had on Valentine’s Day in high school and I wondered what would happen if one of the students secretly purchased carnations and handed them out to the kids who never received any. 25 seemed like a nice round number, but 25 Carnations didn’t sound like a very good title. So I went with 25 Roses and made them chocolate in the book because…hey…chocolate!

Tanya Reimer
In the speculative fiction titles I’m working on are: Can’t Dream Without You (Paranormal fantasy), Cursed on the Prairies (Alternate history).

I used to have a hard time with titles and just picked working titles but then I learnt a neat trick. Write the one-liner; who does what in the hopes of what—and slam that title at the end without thinking about it. Example: When a young man is bit by a spider he develops strange spider-like powers that allow him to save his city from a dangerous supervillain.—Spiderman


Trisha Leaver
My current YA Contemporary WIP is about a seventeen year old girl struggling to find her place in a family of virtual strangers. Its working title is a gripping, thematic WIP#5 LOL. So…yeah, titles don’t come easy to me. I usually don’t bother even pondering a title until the project is complete and I have a full sense of my main character and her struggles. Then I dig deep and try to come up with a title that conveys the theme and tone of my book. More often than not, this is a collaborative process between myself, my agent and my editor

Do titles come easy for you?

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  1. J.A. – Stealing the Stars is a great title.
    Jackie – you and you secret titles! Killing me!
    Stephanie – I love carnations, they are my fave flower… and I like chocolate too!
    Tanya – That is a pretty nifty little trick.
    Trisha – WIP #5 is pretty catchy 😉

  2. Some titles come easy, others are a struggle. I hate when you have a perfect title, then you look on Amazon and there’s too many others that have that same title.

  3. Titles are HORRIBLE! My husband’s great at coming up with them, but he couldn’t write a book. Interesting how creativity works. I find that often the perfect title either hits you when you have the idea, usually as PART of the idea, or it’s a long, grueling process of trying to come up with just the right title to go with the story you’re writing!

  4. Oh, fun idea–I like this one question/several authors deal. As for me, I LOVE titling. I like wordplay, so where possible, it is fun to do that. I definitely prefer the title has multiple meanings.

  5. Sometimes I have the title before I even have the story! St. Peter in Chains was like that. But now I’m writing a YA with the tentative title Changers. It may be a series, in which case the series title will be Changers and the first book will be “Manifesting Destiny.” I’m struggling to figure out the genre. I suspect it’s a kind of fantasy, but it’s not, like, high fantasy or anything. And it’s not dystopian. So . . . ::shrug::

  6. I agree Suzi. Forever I had a WIP titled Fire and Ice. Now I see that title everywhere and it makes me cringe. It’s fine though, once I wrote the one-liner I realized the title I was using didn’t fit as good as it should. Phew.

    I like titles that give a bit of irony and intrigue too, and those listed here are great!Even WIP#5 made me smile!!!

    Thanks for inviting me! It’s so great to read about how others go about this most important task.

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