A Difference Of Opinion

I know two people can read the same book and have different opinions about it. Some love the writing, others will think it sucks. Some think it’s an original story, others think it’s cliche. I’ve read enough book reviews to see that. There’s many reasons why people look at books differently, including simple things like their tastes or deeper things involving their history and lookout on life.
Yes, we’re all different, so we see things differently.
But sometimes I question a reviewer’s take on a book–it just no sense to me. Just recently I finished Flawed by Kate Avelynn. I enjoyed the story and after finishing, read through some one and two star reviews to see what the people who didn’t like it said.
And I read something that kinda shocked me.
Spoiler alert. If you don’t want to know the ending, skip ahead to where I say spoiler end.
The reviewer was unhappy because the MC had a HEA. And I was like, huh? A happily ever after?
-The MC’s mother died during the story.
-The MC will have to deal with the affects of her father’s abuse for the rest of her life.
-The MC’s brother killed her boyfriend, who was also the brother’s best friend.
-The MC’s brother, whom she deeply loved, also killed himself.
That is nowhere near a HEA to me. I guess the reviewer wanted the MC to either be physically hurt or killed and anything other than that was a happy ending.
Spoiler End.

So obviously, me and that reviewer have drastically different definitions of happy. 🙂 I can understand people view stylistic things differently, but this difference of opinion seems big. And honestly, it makes me wonder about this person. What they are like and how they generally view life.
Have you ever had a similar experience reading a review, not just a difference in opinion, but something that makes you curious about the reviewer and what it was in their lives that helped shaped their outlook, and hence the review you just can’t understand. (Sorry, that’s kind of a mouthful.)

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  1. Kimberly Gabriel

    Absolutely! It’s hard for me to trust reviewers to be quite honest. Unless I know the person or have read many of their reviews, I tend not to put much stock in any one person’s reviews. That sounds so cynical of me, doesn’t it? I like to look at the “average” star rating or I’ll look for common threads in different reviews. You’re right – you just never know where a person is coming from.

  2. Ha,makes ya wonder all right. Sometimes I wonder if people are even reading the same book as me. lol. How come I can find a book full of themes and exciting characters and the next guy finds it dull with cardboard characters and a theme that invites you to kill yourself? You’re not alone, I shake my head a lot when I read reviews.

  3. I’m like going “what what??” how IS that a happily ever after? maybe that person had one crazed idea of what that means. I have definitely seen tons of people say the total opposite of me. but that’s fine! we are all entitled to our opinions, but you know, the one you write is the right one, not theirs. JK!!!

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