The Kindle Crawl

When you’re reading an ebook, do you pay attention to that little percentage down at the bottom? It’s nice to have it, to see exactly how much of the book is left, but sometimes it’s not a good thing because of the Kindle crawl.
The Kindle crawl: When you’re reading an ebook and you glance down at the percentage and think, I’ve hit the page down button like 10 times and I’m still on 22%? And the whole book seems to go the same way.
That is the Kindle crawl. And I totally made that word up. I googled it and didn’t find any references, so I’m gonna claim it as mine.
Now there’s two reasons for the Kindle crawl.
1.) You’re reading a ridiculously long book. If the book’s 400, 500, 600… pages, it’s explainable.
But the other reason is:
2.) You’re bored. You like the book enough to keep reading it, but it just crawls along, making it feel like you’re barely moving forward.
I thought about this because recently I’ve read some books that seem to drag. But right now I’m reading the opposite. A book that is going fast.
The other night I was reading and I’m like whoa—I jumped ahead from 20% to 30%, and I hadn’t been reading that long.
But maybe it’s a shorter story though.
Luckily, the author is Jolene Perry, and I kinda sorta know her. And the story is The Summer I Found You. So I emailed her to ask about the word count, and she wrote back and told me. Cause she’s nice like that.
The story isn’t short, but it’s not long either. It’s just in the middle, word count wise. But I love the story. The characters are fresh and likeable, their voices are perfect. Which means it’s an easy=fast=good read. So there is no Kindle crawl with The Summer I Found You.
And I like to read books like that. I much prefer to read books like that. Of course, who wouldn’t? 🙂
Do you ever experience the Kindle crawl? Or better, do you more often read novels like The Summer I Found You, where the book seems to move super fast because it’s a terrific story?

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  1. Jeremiah

    Yes! I’ve experienced this.

    The other phenomenon I’ve experienced is finding myself reading for longer and longer periods as my Kindle lets me know that I’ve only got 2 minutes left to finish a chapter.

  2. OMG YES! I didn’t know there was a name for it. Most of the time it’s just that I’m trying to read as many books as I can in a month and I want to know when I’ll be finished with this one so I can meet my goal. My first book of the year was one of those LONNNNNG ones. Each percent seemed to take 5-10 pages. It is discouraging when you happen upon a book like that.

  3. Yes, I’ve experienced that. Though lately I’ve been reading actual books . . . And I’m still experiencing a crawl. It’s like I’ve become stuck in the mud and mire of the books. I’m about halfway done with each of them, but they’ve all ground to a halt and I don’t feel like dragging myself through to the other side. I will, though. Eventually. I’ve had books sit for months before I get back to them . . .

  4. I have Kindle crawled my way to the end of several books. Sometimes it just has to do with how tired I am while reading, but a painful truth I won’t whisper very loudly, “Sometimes it’s because I’m reading an ARC I’d rather not be reviewing but already committed.” *sigh* That’s pretty rare though.

  5. Jenny Morris

    YES! I’ve experienced this a lot. I’ve also been totally bummed when the % tells me I have 10% left and I unexpectedly find myself on the last page because the rest is and excerpt from another book. Your name for it makes me think of a new dance. Not sure how it would go… 🙂

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