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This last week I’ve been having a problem with my computer and it’s a pain in the butt. It’s the keyboard. About half the time I hit delete, the key sticks and suddenly I’ve deleted a bunch of letters, sometimes a full sentence. Then I have to go hit undo, undo, undo…
I’m going to try clean it, see if that makes a difference. But if not, I’ll have to get a new keyboard. This computer is maybe 6 years old, I’m kinda sorta guessing. So the connector for the keyboard to plug in isn’t even a USB, it’s one of those round thingies with the little spikes inside. Same with the mouse.

Okay, it’s not really that old. 🙂

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But even if my cleaning helps with the issue, I know eventually not too far down the road, we’ll need to replace the whole thing. (Six year computer, again)
It got me thinking about wireless keyboards and computers. I’m not sure if our next computer should have a tower, or just get one where everything is built into the screen–an all-in-one computer. We have an external DVD drive now, cause the built in one went kaput, and that would be my biggest concern about not having the typical tower computer. I want to use CD/DVDs. But that won’t be an issue since we have the external drive.
For those who still use desktops, do you have any advice? Go for an all-in-one computer or stick with a tower?

Or does everybody now just use laptops? 🙂 (I have a laptop too, and I’m not keen on getting two. I like having a desktop.)

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  1. I can’t remember the last time we had a desktop. (Well, my daughter has an old Mac Mini . . .) We all have laptops that are connected via the network, so we do everything wirelessly. I remember resisting the change, but now I can’t imagine going back. Funny how we adapt. That’s how technology forces us to upgrade, you know—making it impossible to keep the older stuff because nothing new will work with it any more. So we just adapt because we have no other choice.

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