What Would You Do?

So recently, I was at the library and saw this really cool book, but I realized it was actually a sequel. Luckily book one was available and looked just as awesome.
But it wasn’t. The characters fell flat, the plot fell below expectations, the writing didn’t grab me, and I was disappointed. Which happens sometimes, but now I have a dilemma.
Originally, I’d grabbed book two and thought it sounded intriguing. And I still think it does. But do I read it or forget it? Because one was a disappointment. And I can assume that the writing and characters will be similar in two. It’s not like it’s a minor complaint with book one; it was characters, writing and plot.
I didn’t hate book one. I was just severely unimpressed.
What would you do? Give book two a chance and hope it’s way better? Or give up and move on to another writer.

5 Responses

  1. Curiosity would probably compel me to at least glance at the second book. But if I began seeing the same problems as before, I’d likely put it down pretty quickly. Bad writing is bad writing. There’s a chance the author got better—the 10,000 hour rule and all—but . . .

  2. I probably wouldn’t read it. I have so many other things I want to read, I’m not sure I’d give the author a second chance which, as an author, is terrifying!

  3. Nope. I’d take both books back. Honestly, even if I’d PAID for the second one, I doubt I’d read it. If I got a book for free, I wouldn’t feel bad about abandoning it halfway through. If I paid for it, often I’ll read it just to get my money’s worth, but I grapple with that because my time is worth money, too! Honestly, if I dislike a book, I probably won’t buy another book from that author unless I just forget! I live by the saying, “Life’s too short to read bad books.” (Mostly because there are SO many good ones out there waiting to be read!) Usually if I’m buying a book on Kindle, I’ll download a sample first and if I like that, I buy the rest from my Kindle for that very reason.

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