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I’ve got something kinda cool to share. The very first story I ever beta read is coming out in about a month. In early winter 2011, I hooked up with Stacy Stokes through when we were both looking for beta readers. I’m not sure how many she’d critiqued before, but it was my very first time. Kinda scary and all that. What did I know about critiquing? Would she think it was too much… too little? Critiquing with someone new for the first time really gets your nerves going.
In December we exchanged stories and I think it went okay. She still talks to me, at least. 🙂 But that was the start of something new for me. I’ve learned so much from critiquing other people’s stories, and I’ve become a better writer, but I’ve also come to realize how much I enjoy critiquing and editing.
Back then I was trying to connect with writers and I didn’t know anybody who was published. (Now I know lots. 🙂 ) It was so cool to think then, and even now today, that I had a part in the journey of a story I was reading. That it could someday be published. And now for Stacy, that is happening soon.
So for those who have not heard of it, Where the Staircase Ends by Stacy A. Stokes will be released next month and is now available for pre-order. Check it out here on Goodreads.
Congratulations, Stacy. I can’t wait to read the final version (which she’s said has much changed).
What about anybody else. What was the first book you ever critiqued and was it published?
Where the Staircase Ends by Stacy A. Stokes
After her best friend orchestrates the lie that destroys her reputation, Taylor wants more than anything to disappear from her life. But when an accident turns this unspoke wish into reality, instead of an angel-filled afterlife, Taylor must climb a seemingly endless staircase into the sky. Instead of going up, the journey plunges her into the past. As she unravels the mystery behind her friend’s betrayal, she must face the truth about life and find the strength to forgive the unforgivable — unless the staircase breaks her first.

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  1. That’s awesome! I don’t think the first one I ever critiqued was published but I was in a critique group where all three of the members besides me had their works published soon after. I was feeling like the ugly duckling!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out. You may be getting a printed shout out in the final version. 😉 Your feedback was HUGELY helpful and went a long way toward making the story what it is today. THANK YOU! I can’t wait to see what you think of it. I am awaiting some copies in the mail, and I would love to send you one once I have them to see what you think of the final version, if you’re open?

  3. That is wonderful. I have seen some of the things I critiqued or beta read published but not the first. Not yet. It’s neat to read it and see the changes that came after and how the story evolved!

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