What A Bargain

Recently I got this cool book from Barnes and Nobles. You know, the bargain racks with the cheap books, often hard cover, and usually non-fiction. This one was about royalty—kings and queens from the medieval times to now and their issues.

Like Vlad the Impaler, AKA Dracula (the real one) and Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary. Both sadistic killers who enjoyed torturing people.
I also learned a lot about how insanity was passed down through generations in some royal families, like that of Queen Juana I of Castile (Spain). Her story made me wonder if now her problems could’ve been cured or at least managed with today’s medicine.
This book is full of all sorts of examples of royalty behaving badly. Kings and their mistresses, spoiled children, and power hungry men and women who spend all of their country’s wealth. It’s fascinating how messed up European royalty was at times.
I really should shop more often in the bargain bin of B&N. Of course then my wallet would be a little lighter too.
Have you ever stumbled onto any terrific reads from the bargain bins of B&N or some other store? Do you think that reading about royalty in medieval times is fascinating too, or is it just me? 🙂

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  1. Sounds like a great book! I didn’t even know there’s a bargain bin at B&N. If I ever walk into one, it’s to look and see if my book is there. I either shop at my independent bookstore or online.

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