The Big Reveal

Welcome to the Big Reveal

I enjoy reading author interviews, but often times they don’t ask the kinds
of questions I wonder about. So I’ve assembled a group of writers at
all levels, from un-agented to published, and every week I will
have a new question for them.

Do you utilize Critique Partners or Beta Readers?


Jackie Felger
Oh my goodness, absolutely! I have three people I share things with, but one person (Kimmy) who I always turn to with my writing and things in general. We clicked right away and have passed our work back and forth for a few years. I don’t know what I’d do without her or her friendship!


J.A. Bennett
I have the best critique partners in the world!! I don’t know what I would do without them! I have one online group and a few trusted friends, they are all so great! They keep me going through the hard times.


Stephanie Faris
My agent is awesome at looking over my work and giving me incredible feedback during the weeks leading up to submitting it to my editor. Our work together makes the books really great before the editor even sees them. I probably should pass it through a critique partner before submitting it to her, but usually we’re on such a tight turnaround time, I can’t.

Tanya Reimer
Critique Partners and Beta Readers are a very important part of every writer’s life. I have skilled people I turn to. I am always looking for new readers and partners, as I have many books on the go and hate to wear them out because I love them.


Trisha Leaver
I have a group of local children’s writers that I meet with weekly. They are my first line of defense so to speak. I’m also lucky enough to have a virtual group of fellow YA authors who critique for me, and I for them. We read each other’s works, cheer each other on, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Having them at my virtual side has made my path to publication less lonely. Someday, I hope to meet them in person!


Danielle Bertrand
Once I am finished with a project I will utilize a small group of friends but I only have a few I would trust. I’m not a big fan of a large group of people laying their eyes on my work. I’m kind of proprietary.


Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

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  1. I’m a member of a fantastic critique group. We meet every Thursday, which seems like a lot, but it keeps me accountable. And of course it isn’t forced; if you can’t make it, no one gives you a hard time about it. But they’re helping me with my current WIP, and I love having the support and encouragement, and yes, even the less-than-stellar feedback. I’ve been way more productive since joining.

  2. Hi, Suzi,

    You know I do! I would be LOST without my CP’s and Betas…. No writer should send out an work until it is filtered through several of these trusted and amazing people….

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