Doing Something You Love


I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been busier than usual. Mostly because I’ve started something new. Something I love.
The amazing Kelley Lynn and Cassie Mae invited me to be a part of Cookie Lynn Publishing Services. I love editing, getting to read spectacular books and help that author make them better. So how lucky am I to get paid?
The answer: very lucky. 🙂

Go here to see Cookie Lynn Publishing Services
Go here to see Cookie Lynn Publishing Services

Kelley is doing developmental editing, and I can assure you how much of a help she is. She’s worked with me on several stories, always pointing out things to make them stronger. Whether it’s plot or character development or any related story issues, she’ll help make sure your story is on the right track. And Cassie is doing the formatting, getting your story ready so it looks pretty when you put on Amazon.
And I’m doing line editing and copy editing.
Line editing is a little more extensive. I look at style issues such as word choice (misused or overused words), smoothing out awkward sentences, finding excessive passive sentences, and improving clarity and flow. I’ll also look at those pesky punctuation and grammar issues.
A copy edit is more basic and covers the punctuation, grammar and typo issues.
If you’re in need of any editing services, or query critiques, please check out our site. Kelley and I offer a sample edit if you’d like to see what we do before you chose us to edit your story.
So that’s what I’ve been doing. As I said above, I’m lucky to have found something that I love and get paid for it.

Do you love what you do?

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  1. Emily R. King

    How cool is that? Go ladies! Kelley is so helpful. I just love that girl. I’m sure you all will do very well!

  2. Congrats! I’ve been both a development editor and a copy editor at publishing houses, and my husband and I have discussed starting our own small press some day . . . But I love writing my own books so much, I’m not sure (yet) I’m willing to give up time to anyone else’s.

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