Forgot About That

The other day I was going through a notebook with some writing stuff in it. I came across a page that was over half filled with words. It was an idea for a story that I wrote down sometime within the last year.

But I didn’t recognize it. I read the page and nothing clicked in my head. I didn’t remember anything–not one word, about this story idea I had.

Which is unusual. I’ve had many ideas and granted, I haven’t looked back at EVERY page with every idea I’ve ever had, but most of the time when I go back, my notes will spark a little recognition. And I’ll go, Oh yeah, I’ll have to go back to that some day.

Not this time though.

So I don’t know if I had this idea from a dream or where it came from. I really have no clue. I’m wondering if I was watching a horror movie or something when I got the idea, because that’s what I labelled it as: horror. Although my notes don’t really reflect that it’s a horror. It’s kind of funny.

Has this ever happened to you? Where you’ve written done a bunch of notes for a story idea, but when you’ve gone back, you don’t recognize/remember it?

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  1. I wrote a poem once for a poetry class and turned it in, and my poetry professor wrote on the paper: “Wherever you got this, go back for more!” The problem being, I couldn’t remember writing the poem at all. Like, I had this vague notion I’d been over at my friend’s house at the time, but that was all I could recall. The actual writing of it? Not so much. It was almost as if I’d channeled the damn thing (my friend’s house *was* haunted) . . . Very strange. Especially since I’m a crap poet.

  2. I was going through my notes last week. A few things didn’t ring a bell until I thought hard about them. My older notebooks are a different story. I don’t remember every single idea from those.

  3. This gave me a chuckle. All too familiar. Worse, I reread something I wrote over twenty years ago, just to see how horrible it was, and there, in the middle of the book was an entire paragraph written EXACTLY like it sits in my newest creation. I somehow copied from myself. I don’t remember ever writing that, or even thinking it before, yet there it was. Word for word. Written twenty years earlier by me. Scary how the mind works.

  4. Rachel Schieffelbein

    Only once, but yes. I opened up my file of ‘ideas’ and there was one I didn’t recognize. And it made me wish I’d written more down. Lol. Because what was there didn’t make a ton of sense.

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