Just Because

I haven’t posted anything in forever, and pretty much expect nobody is still out there, but… I got a message from the blog provider asking if I’d be doing any new content because if no, they want to archive it.

I don’t have big plans for getting back into blogging right now, but I’m not ready to archive it. So I’ll just do a little post.

I’m still writing. Still wanting an agent, although I’m not querying anything currently. I’m trying to finish a contemporary adult novel that takes place in Brazil–which I’m really excited about.

I’ve also been busy since I joined in with my two friends Cassie Mae and Kelley Lynn to form CookieLynn Publishing. We do developmental, line, and copy editing, and formatting. I do the line and copy editing and I love it. I’ve always enjoyed editing, so getting to do it on a professional level is perfect for me. And we have very affordable prices, so check it out if you’re looking for an editor.

That’s about it though.

For now.

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