Long Time, No See

So it’s been forever since I’ve posted. (I think I repeat this same line often.) But I don’t want to get rid of this site yet. I’m still working on the querying thing, along with my writing and my editing with CookieLynn Publishing, but I’m also going to self publish a few stories within the next year. My first one will be this fall sometime, so be watching for that, a horror novella called Shallow Depths.

Here’s my cool cover designed by the awesome Jennie Bennet.

And here’s the blurb in case you’re wondering.

Shallow Depths

Determined to fix their troubled marriage, Cat and Leif purchase a summer home on an idyllic lake, hours away from their hectic city life. While Leif is working, Cat keeps busy by spending time in the water or visiting with new friends who warn her about the urban legends of the lake. Curious, Cat digs for more information, discovering a trio of mysterious deaths a century ago, and a woman who claimed the weeds to be responsible.

One drunken night, she makes a horrible mistake, widening the fissure in their marriage. Trying to figure out where it all went wrong, Cat finds comfort in the water. But soon the betrayer turns into the betrayed as Cat slowly learns the truth about that night, and the weeds once again seek justice for the one who was wronged.

So this’ll be late fall sometime.