What Would You Do?

So recently, I was at the library and saw this really cool book, but I realized it was actually a sequel. Luckily book one was available and looked just as awesome.   But it wasn’t. The characters fell flat, the plot fell below expectations, the writing didn’t grab me, and I was disappointed. Which happens…
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Computer Issues

This last week I’ve been having a problem with my computer and it’s a pain in the butt. It’s the keyboard. About half the time I hit delete, the key sticks and suddenly I’ve deleted a bunch of letters, sometimes a full sentence. Then I have to go hit undo, undo, undo…   I’m going…
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Merry Christmas

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A Difference Of Opinion

I know two people can read the same book and have different opinions about it. Some love the writing, others will think it sucks. Some think it’s an original story, others think it’s cliche. I’ve read enough book reviews to see that. There’s many reasons why people look at books differently, including simple things like…
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Skipping Ahead Or Leaving It All Behind

Not long ago I finished reading a book. And by finished, I mean I read the last few chapters. But I didn’t read ALL the chapters.   This book is by a popular author but I never connected with the characters, didn’t find the story all that interesting either. Because of some busy times a…
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