What Not To Do When Having A Blog Tour

Just recently I was reading a post by a Kyra Lennon: Blog Tours and Cover Reveals—Are They Still Effective? And I’d already started writing the draft to this post, so I thought I’d do a post today on MY suggestions for what and what not to do on your blog tour.   I’ve followed along…
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What Do You Do?

I have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to write my blog posts. I’ve got several ideas that I haven’t written up yet, and I really should be doing those, but something else seems to come up. And it’s usually Saturday when I write my post, or sometimes even Sunday, the day…
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The End

Last year I did a fun post about some of the searches people did that led them to my blog. It really makes me wonder how many pages in of their search items did they go to get to me because I don’t believe I’d be very high up on that list of results. But…
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Merry Christmas

  And if you haven’t signed up yet for the awesome Christmas giveaway by some terrific ladies, scroll down below for your chance.

Do You Like Me

So after reading a post by Christa Desir at her blog about documenting our lives, it got me thinking. Do we reveal too much? Too little? Okay, that’s probably not the case most of the time, but it can be hard to find the balance between getting your name out there and getting too much…
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