What I’ve Been Doing

So I haven’t posted for a long time, and there’s probably nobody out there, but I don’t want them to take away my blog because it’s gone dormant, so I have to do this periodically. But it’s a good time for an update anyway. I’ve written a ton of young adult novels and those have…
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Just Because

I haven’t posted anything in forever, and pretty much expect nobody is still out there, but… I got a message from the blog provider asking if I’d be doing any new content because if no, they want to archive it. I don’t have big plans for getting back into blogging right now, but I’m not…
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Forgot About That

The other day I was going through a notebook with some writing stuff in it. I came across a page that was over half filled with words. It was an idea for a story that I wrote down sometime within the last year. But I didn’t recognize it. I read the page and nothing clicked…
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Doing Something You Love

  I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been busier than usual. Mostly because I’ve started something new. Something I love.   The amazing Kelley Lynn and Cassie Mae invited me to be a part of Cookie Lynn Publishing Services. I love editing, getting to read spectacular books and help that author make them…
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Hand Written

Every once in a while I hear about someone who writes their novel by hand before copying it over to computer. And that amazes me. Before computers were part of our everyday lives, I used to write more by hand. Mostly class notes, homework, and journals, but not novels, because I wasn’t writing that then.…
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